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Some highlights of students graduated:

Radford student: achieved ATAR 99.80 going to UNSW Medicine
Radford student: achieved ATAR 99.55 going to ANU Medicine
Radford student: achieved ATAR 99.5 going to ANU Advanced Computing
Radford student: One out of 7 from 1400 candidates from Canberra and outer region selected for air force at ADFA
Radford student: going to UNSW Science
Burgmann student: achieved ATAR 99.1 going to ANU Law
Burgmann student: going to ANU Actuarial studies

Burgmann student: going to ANU Engineering
Narrabundah student: going to ANU Science

Proven Success: 75%
grade improvement;
90% higher test scores

Established in early 2010, whY Tutoring has been providing tutoring service in ACT area for more than 7 years. The data records have shown that 90% of the students who booked more than 4 sessions with us have had higher scores in the school test and 75% of the students got grade improvement.  Some of them even got the highest mark in class after the tuition!


Our reputation is shown by our customers feedback and we are happy to provide the contact of our former customers for any feedback and comments on our tutoring for your reference.

Individualized, Customized ​Learning Plans

With more than 8 years in private tutoring in Canberra, we have developed our own database in a variety of courses and subjects. Therefore, we are able to provide a customized learning plans with our selection in teaching materials for you. Such plans include course materials, in-session practice, slide shows & videos, and regular homeworks. 


Specially, we offer exam skills training before you are sitting a test. Such tutorials focus in enhancing your efficiency and accuracy during the exam while time is limited and you are under pressure.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

We believe everyone has his/her own potential and talent in learning -- which just need to be inspired in the right way. 


As tutors, we not only assist students to break through the study but also initiate their interest in those subjects which they used to be reluctant to touch. At the same time, with comprehensive teaching methods and experience, we do our utmost to help the student find the best way for him/her in learning and problem solving.


Our tutors: Reliable, Honest, Knowledgeable, and Punctual.

With clearance of AFP and permission in working with children and vulnerable people, our tutoring service is guaranteed to meet the safety and security requirements for home visiting in Canberra.


Tutors in whY Tutoring are also required to be well trained in lecturing/tutoring before delivering any sessions, so that we are confident in helping you effectively and efficiently. 


Punctually is emphasized by whY Tutoring and we promise not to be late or absent for every session for no acceptable reasons.


"Yuming was a very great help to me (borderline miracle worker). I had not done any maths at all in the six years since leaving high school (even then I had only done general maths), and I took lessons with him in order to attempt an advanced maths exam required for Navy Officer entry. Due to his patience, knowledge, understanding, preparation, professionalism, and dedication I passed the exam. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance. Thanks Yuming, you are a champion!"


— Laurence Blaxell from Gungahlin, Canberra



    "Yuming is a great individual who brings a fresh and innovative way to tutor his subjects. I believe I have learnt many great tips and tricks to solve various problems and will continue to strive to find new methods to solve problems based off these tricks. Yuming is a very cheerful and happy man who I admire very much."


— Ali Bulbul from Palmerston, Canberra



      "Yuming has been a great help in my understanding of maths. He always comes prepared to each tuition session, with a great knowledge in all types of maths. He is a dedicated tutor with my interests and utilities the tutorial time to the best efficiency."



— Olivia Taylor from Kambah, Canberra



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