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"Yuming is an academic life saver. He truly is the only reason I was able to excel in my secondary studies and I would not have been able to pass Spec B maths without him. He is great at explaining difficult concepts in easily understandable ways. For example, if a student does not completely understand a given topic, he is able to explain a topic thoroughly through utilising different language choices and comprehensive examples. Yuming is a great tutor who puts his students first, and is extremely knowledgeable of the subjects he teaches."

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

Trent Vivian from Radford College, Canberra

"Yuming was consistently enthusiastic and alert, and always had a good understanding of the subject - even at times when I had forgotten to let him know specifically what I would need help with prior to our lesson. There was always extra material prepared to help me get ahead in class once we'd finished going through questions I had, and at times when I had sent him specifications he would prepare extensively so that he could help as much as possible. I only had lessons with Yuming briefly but in that time both my grades and general grasp of maths and chemistry improved significantly :) Thank you!!"

Maths and Chemistry, Yr11-12

Sian Wedd  from Dickson College, Canberra


"Yuming Lin is a kind, patient and knowledgeable tutor. From the beginning to end of each lesson his focus is not only to make you more confident in the content but to also understand the material. As a person who has had a long-standing difficulty with mathematical subjects, I've had many tutors over the years. However, learning math from Yuming I've been able to feel at ease, for the first time. Be it his teaching style or his can-do attitude, Yuming started off by assessing my course and then going through section bit by bit, making sure that I felt secure every step of the way. I truly do believe that if you are looking for someone to improve your skills and confidence in an array of subjects, go to Yuming because he is organized, friendly and will help you reach your goals. And the best part - he makes sense and is always on time :) ! So big thanks to Yuming and Grace, they're lovely people and deserve lots of success in this industry!"

Maths, Tertiary

Ismat  Awan from ANU, Canberra


"Yuming has supported me through most of year 11 and all of year 12. He is extremely helpful across a wide variety of subjects. He is very efficient and makes difficult content interesting and easy to understand. I found that after a just few sessions with Yuming, my scores were already much better than they were before. Thank you so much for all of your help Yuming!"

Maths Specialist, Physics and Chemistry, Yr11-12

Sarah Huxtable  from Narrabundah College, Canberra


“Yuming is one of the best tutor I've ever had, he is very dedicated and helpful; he also offers constant email support and extensive resources. My marks have improved significantly, thank you so much for all your support! :)”

Double Maths and Chemistry, Yr 12

— Angela Kong from Burgmann College, Canberra


"Yuming has supported me in Physics, Chemistry and Maths over the past two years. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has effective teaching methods for even the most complicated concepts. Thank You for all your help, Yuming!"

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

— Ishita Sharma from Radford College, Canberra

“Yuming is hands down, the best tutor I’ve ever had. He is extremely knowledgeable and logical. My maths and physics have significantly improved thanks to his help. He’s also patient and polite. He even wrote me a reference letter without charge!:) Thank you Yuming!!”

Double Maths and Physics Yr11-12

— Kiana Liu  from Narrabundah College, Canberra


"Excellent tutor, takes the time to explain difficult concepts clearly and concisely. He is very knowledgeable in a wide range of areas which allowed me to ask a multitude of questions from different subjects and he'd always have an answer."

Maths Specialist, Physics and Chemistry Yr 11-12

— Craig Price from Radford College, Canberra

"Yuming was a superb tutor. He always seemed to understand exactly what I was talking about, even if a was sometimes a bit vague, and was able to assist me with any of my topics in Year 11 and 12 Physics and Chemistry. My improvement in each subject was due to his constant awareness of my strengths and weaknesses, and because he really strives to go above and beyond to help me prepare for my academic tasks, through his knowledge and commitment to my studies. Every week I couldn't wait to come back to ask more and more questions, because even if I didn't understand something then, I knew he would put me back on track. Truly a enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor."

Physics and Chemistry Yr 12

— Dylan Griffiths  from Narrabundah College, Canberra

"Yuming is honestly one of the best tutors I have ever met. He has helped me tremendously throughout Year 11 and Year 12 in my studies of double maths, physics and chemistry. Yuming is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of these subjects and has been able to quickly, easily and clearly explain even the hardest questions. He is extremely talented in maths and is practically a human calculator. Yuming is also a very nice and easy going person and is extremely easy to get along with. He is always eager and willing to help in all areas of study. Overall, I could not have asked for a better tutor and would definitely recommend Yuming to anyone seeking help, improvement or excellence in their studies."

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

Zac Gan from Radford College, Canberra

"Yuming has been an amazing tutor for the past few years, he is extremely knowledgeable and helped me a lot with my IB sl maths. He is able to explain concepts well as he has a variety of ways of explaining and methods to help solve problems. He also helped me with my assignments as well which was very useful. Overall he is worth it as he could always quickly explain any question I was struggling with."

Maths and Maths IB SL Yr10-12

Stefan Stanczew  from Canberra Grammar School, Canberra


"Thank you so much for tutoring me over the past two years. Yuming has helped me so much, easily solving every math, chemistry, and physics problem I presented to him - many of which my school teachers would not be able to solve or answer. He explains difficult concepts clearly, and provides useful notes which he emails to you after each lesson."

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

— Anson Thai from Radford College, Canberra


"Yuming has been a tremendous help in my years of study of year 11 and 12. He is knowledgeable in a variety of subjects and is always keen to learn more himself. It is also not an exaggeration when I say that he knows almost anything around the areas he tutors. He's essentially a human computer that can explain theories and concepts at all types of levels, beginner, intermediate, etc. Easy to get along with and is always willing to help and improve the areas you have difficulty in. Yuming has been an excellent tutor for me, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking help and improvement in their studies."

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

— Daniel Zhang from Radford College, Canberra


"Over the past two years, Yuming has helped me to improve my skills in maths, physics, and chemistry. He is very supportive and patient, and always reliable even when seeking his help outside of tuition hours. Thank you so much, Yuming! :)"

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

— Annie Huang from Burgmann College, Canberra


“A really great tutor, helped me improve so much in my subjects and always provided me with great support and guidance. He explained concepts with clarity and made sure to continuously check up on me and help me if I appeared to have trouble understanding something. I am really grateful for all the help and appreciate it so much :) Thank you Yuming!”

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr12

— Sanjana Dovathi from Burgmann College, Canberra

"Yuming is an extremely capable and knowledgeable tutor, and is always enthusiastic and willing to help out in every possible way. He is very adept at utilising various resources (digital and hardcopy) to fully explain difficult concepts to his students, and in addition, he is always punctual and flexible with timing. Yuming is exceptionally proficient in the mathematics and sciences, and was able to help me through the difficult secondary studies by walking me through all the concepts in easy to understand ways. I wish him all the best for the future and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a tutor :D"

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

— Kathleen Tong from Radford College, Canberra

“Yuming was a very great help to me (borderline miracle worker). I had not done any maths at all in the six years since leaving high school (even then I had only done general maths), and I took lessons with him in order to attempt an advanced maths exam required for Navy Officer entry. Due to his patience, knowledge, understanding, preparation, professionalism, and dedication I passed the exam. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance. Thanks Yuming, you are a champion!”

Maths, Navy Officer Entry Test

— Laurence Blaxell  from Gungahlin, Canberra

"Yuming has worked with my sister and myself for a combined four years, during our senior studies. He is very proficient in areas of maths and science and has always been a patient and effective mentor. I would highly recommend his services to anybody who wishes to reinforce or extend their studies."

Double Maths, Physics and Chemistry Yr11-12

— Nicole Zhao from Radford College, Canberra

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