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03 /How do I get a tutor?


Once you send through your inquiry to us, we will contact you soon and help you choose a tutor for your preference. You can change the tutor of cancel the future sessions at any stage of the sessions. 

01 /How does whY Tutoring work?


It is fairly simple procedure. You just need to leave a short message to us and we will contact you shortly and provide you with professional advices in helping you out. 


Our tutors can do both home visit and online/phone assistance. We will customize the sessions to make it suit you/your child to the largest extent.

02 /What can I get help with?


You can either check in 'subjects' tab about the subjects we are capable in, or just simple contact us directly for detailed information. 

Please note we also provide assistance in exam preparation which is suitable for students who are seeking for skills and tips in exams and tests. We also have past papers for some of the subjects in our database.

06 /What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?


The minimum time for a session is 1 hour, and usually we don't suggest a session with longer than 2 hours as it will probably too exhausting for both the student and the tutor. We can therefore proudly assure the quality and efficiency of each session you are going to have.

05 /What is the charging rate of the tutorial?


The charging rate is from $110 per hour for one-on-one tuition  depending on the subjects, the requirement of the tutorial, and the travel distance for home visiting. Discount is offered to group tuition. Please feel free to contact us for more details. 

04 /Can I work with the same tutor again?


Sure you can, if the tutor is not fully occupied by other students. If there is some tutor you prefer in whY Tutoring, we can help you book regular sessions with the tutor.

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